All Überon Costume Contest Result

Every season Überon celebrates its most outstanding citizens by honoring them in the All Überon Costume Contest. The winners for Fall 2013 are:

Sexiest She
Hottest He
Funniest Character
Best Costume
A+ Anachronism
  • JaneFonda

    Jane Fonda

    The hottest character on the planet!! This highly coveted award goes to the citizen with the sexiest profile.

    The sexiest costume contest winner for Fall 2013 goes to Jane Fonda – Fitness Guru. From movie star to activist to feminist to entrepreneur, Jane has done it all and looks good doing it! “Always in shape and in style” indeed Jane!

    Costume Contest Rules: Only verified members may be considered. Only registered members may vote.

  • cover3Bcard

    Karl Hungus

    The hottest hunk on the planet!! This masquerade baller has got it all-er! You go cos-player!

    The hottest he costume contest winner for Fall 2013 goes to Karl Hungus – Adult Film Star. From movie star famous for his lead role beside Bunny Lebowski in Log Jamming, Karl bares it all for his fans.

    Costume Contest Rules: Only verified members may be considered. Only registered members may vote.

  • osamathumbs

    Osama Johnson

    This funniest character on Überon, this award is for the profile that is the most fun, including blog posts.

    The Funniest Character costume contest award for Fall 2013 goes to Osama Johnson – Professor of Mid East Studies at Portland State U. Don’t miss his monthly advice column “Ask Osama” for tips on fashion, design, and etiquette.

    Costume Contest Rules: Only verified members may be considered. Only registered members may vote


    Dread Pirate Roberts

    The highly prized grand prize for best costume goes to the citizen with the most created hand-crafted costume.

    The prize for the Best Costume for Fall 2013 goes to the Dread Pirate Roberts – Captain of the Revenge. Arrg! Great attention to detail and a flair for the dramatic. Love the glass eye Captain!

    Costume Contest Rules: Only verified members may be considered. Only registered members may vote

  • marily3

    Norma Jeane

    The best historical character on the planet! This highly creative award goes to the citizen with the best historic character profile.

    The awesome anachronism contest winner for Fall 2013 goes to Norma Jeane. This young rising star’s joyful enthusiasm will capture your heart.

    Costume Contest Rules: Only verified members may be considered. Only registered members may vote.

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Member Movie Views
Movie opinions, views, and reviews from our members contributors.

    Avatar of Clair Voyant What’s With All the Zombie Flicks?

    By Clair Voyant

    Once it was Vampires, then it was Ware wolves and now Zombie are all over the big screen. Once Brad Pitt is the leading role in a zombie movie you know that zombies have become main-stream. But why the craze for the zombie apocalypse? What is behind this fear of the undead masses? Well it turns out that vampires, ware wolves, and zombies all fit neatly beneath a type of occult horror writing called the… Read more… 

    Avatar of White Chocolate Mama Mia and High School Musical Warning

    By White Chocolate

    Depressed about the economic crisis? Worried about the markets? Stressed about the real estate down-turn? If the answer is “yes”, DO NOT watch Mama Mia or any of the Highschool Musical movies. Especially if you are already having self destructive thoughts. If you are forced to watch either of these films by a girlfriend or spouse, remove all sharp objects from the room, any belts or cords that could be used to strangle yourself, and… Read more… 

    Avatar of Karl Hungus We’re The Millers Destined to be a Cult Classic

    By Karl Hungus

    We’re the Millers is a cult classic in the making; despite receiving poor reviews from the media establishment (SnottyTomatoes and IMDBM) this film is making big bucks in the box office. So why the crappy reviews? Well let me take a stab at this one. We’re the Miller’s brilliance lies in its message which considering the film’s pitch is a big surprise. The main characters are; a Denver area pot dealer (Jason Sudeikis), a washed up… Read more… 

Advice Column – Ask Osama

Osama Johnson educates and informs on topics ranging from middle-east fashion and style to relationship advice.

    Avatar of Osama Johnson Husband Fires Rifle in Air During Sex

    By Osama Johnson

    Dear Osama,

    My husband fires his gun in the air when he gets excited, and I am afraid the ceiling above our bed is going to cave in on us soon. Please tell me how I can convince him to go outside to fire his gun and fix the ceiling. Every time I try to talk to him he locks me in the basement with the older wives.



    Dear Frustrated,

    I understand your plight. I too used to lock up my women when they complained to me about me firing my AK47 into the air upon climax, and also at dinner when dessert came, and also when futbol season started and after going number 2.

    It is a man’s right to fire his rifle in the air whenever he is happy. Learn to understand that this noise is another way of him showing his appreciation. While you lay on your back performing your duty, count the bullet holes in the ceiling and think of each one as a tiny “Thank you”. Regarding the roof, fix it yourself.

    Best of luck,

    Osama Read more… 

Book Notes

Book reviews and opinions from our member contributors.

    Avatar of Lord Hugh Mungus Trainspotting – A Lesson on Speaking Scottish

    By Lord Hugh Mungus

    Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh was first released in 1993, but didn't receive any readership or acclaim until after the movie hit screens in 1996. In my opinion the movie is actually an improvement on the book, but that is not to say that the book is not great. The screenwriter John Hodge did a great job of softening the characters,… Read more… 

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